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What Kind Of Marbles Are You Going To Find When You Move?


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I just got a nifty set of fiber optic peewees. I had them out to enjoy them. And I dropped one straight down the crevice on the side of the couch. Might have to surgically extract it.

I'm also pretty sure there are some marbles under the entertainment center.

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It's funny u say that, I gave our cat so many marbles to play with, and we found them under the stove, refrigerator, dryer, washer, and behind the toilet...lol, the thing is some of them I actual like now, but at the time, they were throw aways :b so alot of them are cleaned up and stuck back in my keeps...some of them just as a rememberance to our fiesty cat who had passed last year. Bauble was his name.

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A big part of my collection I found in peoples homes after 30 years of carpet installation. In heater vent in shag carpet under base boards under electric heaters under ref.dryers washers you name it 1000's of them. If it was on the floor it was mine. Found some good ones.


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