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To Ebay Sellers Of Marble "jars"

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To the current upswing in the appearance of marbles in jar listings on eBay, I have penned the following as, what I hope, sends a clear message to sellers of my views on this issue. I would urge you to copy and paste the following as a question for sellers whenever one comes across similar listings or at least compose something in your own words with the same end, in mind:


Question for seller:

"Why are you displaying marbles in a jar? If I were interested in old jars wouldn't I be browsing the eBay old jar listings? That said, I'd only be interested in alternate views of your marbles whereby the jar only acts as an obstruction so I can only assume that there are details regarding the marbles which you prefer to obscure. So I guess I've answered my own question, haven't I? I expect that this listing will be added to the list of all of the other, unsold marbles-in-jars lots which I recently happened to peruse in the completed listings view of your other offerings. Thanks."

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