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You Ever Hear Of Cherokee Marbles?


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It is the game from which Rolley Hole is derived. It can be traced back to about 1840-1850 on the TN/KY border in the Cherokee population. Prior to that it doesn't seemed to be traced. It seems to have either come from the South via the Aztecs or from Europe.

It was originally played with stone, now it is played with pool balls.

There is a CD with 60+ plus Cherokee words that are their language which are marble terms used while playing. This CD was provided to me by Dennis Sixkiller of the Cherokee Nation.

A serious match can take an hour and a half to play. The biggest tourney of which I aware is played annually over Labor Day week end in Oklahoma at the Cherokee Nation.

Darren Shell has a Cherokee Yard at his Marina in the Upper Cumberland region and wrote about the game is great book entitled "A Stone's Throw." I played with Darren at his place.

I have taught the game to folks around here and near the reservation.

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