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Layered Sand, Need The Ca Pros To Take A Look


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Here are two areas under discussion there and my comments.

In this one there is talk about blobbing and fuzziness -

my question on this one. How can the fuzzy white line not be original when the tight lines adjoining it are normal Striped Opaque?


In this one its the worminess (some saying - the color running from a torch)

I asked - (and I inverted the pic for a better look) with the two "blobs" turning counter to each other what would happen to that area (worms) when forced together?


edit: as soon as it exits the countering forces it straightens to a more normal line, fuzziness pushed right thru the two "wheels/gears".

To me this picture, if you trace the lines closely and watch as the gears turn it and too much piles up at the top of the gear - cant be pushed thru that fast - too small a opening, then above that a second wad starts to backup - who knows what next but rollers smearing --

IMO this is the definitive picture - you could asked for no more a perfect picture of the physics at work!!!

The same area speculated as torched is proof of the reverse - I dont think you could torch those two "gears" In, (a 5/8" marble)

(one is on the seam) and you can watch the area in question being spun thru those gears!!

thanks, david

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First thing I can say is the person making most of the accusations has probably studied very few CAC striped opaques for any length of time and I wonder if he even owns any. Second I also wonder if he has actually ever torched marbles or spent time with a torch worker repairing marbles. That being said without it in hand or with more magnified pics I would have a hard time saying this marble was torched for sure.. And if you look close at the marble listed that it should look like, you will see many of the same features called to question on your marble. Just my opinion.

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The others they brought up, are/where mine also(sold by others), one leaning toward "Layered Sand" but slightly, the other classic SO.

edit:edit: 11/28

the second layered sand spoke of is not mine - the green one - the SO was. end edit:

In this area at the top of Seam - one side of seam sandy the other side clear?

thanks, david


that would be some impressive torching! (a 5/8" marble)


I need your help here,

ya aint gonna hurt my feelings, much!

I dont know if I should stop the auction or not?

I'm sure and dont want to get beat up,

I also dont want to misrepresent if I am wrong!

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I happen to be the high bidder on both of these striped opaques, the one from marbleus1 and one from Alan....they are both great examples of this type of CAC but was a little concerned of a smeared looking area on the the marbleus1 auction. I do not question David's integrity, I believe he is a man of his word. I was just hoping this marble had not been spot polished by hand by a previous owner.

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No polishing on this marble.



The other board closed the topic a couple of hours after i found out about it.

Dont know why, everything was cordial.

this was my last point before it closed.

As posted:

On this next point I have never had support.

There is something that CAC did that involved higher temperatures than other manufacturers.

Its a "blistering" that occurs in many of thier marbles, I seen it on dozens, actually more than dozens, mostly (cause mostly made) lower end marbles.

Its a thinning but has signs of high heat.

this is an example of similar to what I'm talking about.


another look, thin blistered one side of seam, clear as a bell other. Did the glass formula change or are all my marbles torched??

editedit:(the comment about formula was in response to the main detractor at that board)


not the best example of what I'm alluding to but it was handy.

:end of the other board post:

I think, that CA had a higher temperature on ribbon glass than base glass/or viceversa , I think thats how they kept blending from happening, as well as better control of ribboning. Many of their marbles show signs of extreme glass heat. - busyassed torchman.

this is speculation,

as is that entire thread at AAM.


dont mean to sidetrack with speculation.

I do need your opinion on this marble.

I think that inverted picture, the same area speculated as torched is proof of the reverse - I dont think you could torch those two "gears" in, and you can watch the area in question being spun thru those gears!!

I think this is the best looking marble, I've seen of this style.

I'm not stopping the auction.

Westcoast your welcome to cancel your bid. I would'nt its a $900 plus marble - IMO

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First thing I can say is the person making most of the accusations has probably studied very few CAC striped opaques for any length of time and I wonder if he even owns any. Second I also wonder if he has actually ever torched marbles or spent time with a torch worker repairing marbles.

I agree.

I am banned on the other sight & that is fine with me....


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This is the area in question

I've took a lot of marble pictures, this is from one end to the other the best looking most intense marble I have had the pleasure of photographing.

I still love the earlier handgathered stuff best.

but look at this pic. -damnitman


it aint often theres such a trail to follow.

I LOVE this picture

this is a less than 5/8" marble - when you click that enlarge its softball sized,

cant get a better pic.

Galen, I have added a lot of info since you posted, including the pic. - I think should be used to defend a lot of misaccused of torched marbles (normally there is not such a area as this "gear look" to explain some "abnormalitys")

I would be interested in your hard look at this pic. as well as the 12 auction pics. I really think its worth your time and can think of no one more qualified. - Send me a bill.

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To keep from going insane I had to stop trying to figure out the very strange abnormalities(normalities?) of CAC 1 and 2 seam marbles. They exhibit too many crazy traits. Many are made like placing your palms together then clasping your fingers. Here is an example of that. It also appears that many were reheated along the process. ie; getting the guineas to melt smooth. Single seam CACs are most likely to exhibit strange swirling smudging twisting etc, as they make no sense at all.


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I have noticed the blistering the most on Trans Green especially with Yellow marbles and "guineas". In 2004 I bought 8 guineas in singles auctions from the same seller. The owner knew what they had (to a point) but were not vested collectors (from Ohio). All in the $325 range. All 11/16" or better meaning - 11/16+", all guinea cyclones and packed full (no mention of this in auctions). They sold about 12 maybe 15, I got 8, once I had one in hand I didnt miss another.

The last 2 are gone now. My Favorite and probably the best guinea I've seen was sold to a solid collector known to the board (probably 05). I've asked over the years(by forum request) that he post pics. of the guinea, I've even asked to buy it back. That marble was never called in question during my ownership or during the sell. It Did exibit signs of "additional heat" (its what made it the Best), I've never heard anyone question the marble - but the owner has never spoke of it.

I'n my mind someone convinced him it was a reheat..(and it was hid in shame(lol)). I dont know that, but this was a hell of a marble and I've never heard it spoke of.

I'd still buy it back, its a $650+ guinea and I'd bet at least that much it aint been torched (unless CAC did it), course nobody said it has.

I am sure that many marbles have been or attempted to be "repaired".

I am just as sure that 5 times the number are falsely thought to have been!!!!

CAC did something that caused "overheating" I dont know much, but that much is obvious.

And I like it.

The same thing that made the guinea I mention the best, its the same with this Marble.

You start out hey Striped Opaque (hold 5/8" so you remember how small), then if your blind as me you head for lights and a magnifying glass. Where ya gonna look, seams and stripes, nice, woah a lill sandy thar on the Fuzzy White, it aint is it.....

then ya head for the poles, tops first - DamnItMan damnitman

Then! Flip! This! Bad! Boy! Upside Down.

BAM there is nothing I would change, cept the size - SoftBall would be Niiice!

the very parts, that so so many times get called into Question.

Are What The Marble Is About. duh!


I bought this almost in the wild, on the bay, I.D.ed - cac s.o., a dozen or so other "normal" CAC-many common transactions with same seller, not known to have any "exotic" "connections", aint telling what I paid but jus did. This statement this marble and the 8 guineas, speaks to a lot of my own (torching, and "exotic") questions.

The marble has been Authenticated for me by A well respected authenticator.

Torches are available to anyone, that dont make ya an expert. But I read torching "facts" from most with one, and then torching "facts" from those that read about torching "facts".

edit: To Bill below, sorry about the reversed title on the auction (said I was rusty) but right after I listed it. I remembered. I was taught better.

"Layered Sand"

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It looks to be of the style and type that showed up in about 2001. They sure didn't all fit the title "exotics" and some had issues. Most common issues I saw were annealing fractures. I'm kind of glad to see the use of "layered sand" as that term had been around for quite some time in the christensen agate collectors world. It seemed that all of a sudden the internet boards took over and now they are sand layers. I've gone through hundreds of striped opaques and transparents over the years and this one I wouldn't place outside the norms of what I have seen based on pics which to an old pre internet collector like me is an exercise in futility. Don't condemn or confirm anything without having it in hand and then that may not be a sure thing. Bill

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