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Butterscotch Beauty ?


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Thats why I didnt call it copperhead - I didnt remember the pelt. duh!

If its any consolation its always been with pelts.

Hell I'm here, I got this pile of MK out going huh, that dont make sense -


I thought it was a pelt.

Hey but now.. I got some Marble King questions. LOL

muches thanks, David

Peltier Copperhead damnitman

edit: The "oilslick", Mike - I almost wanted to describe it as metalic. (oilslick fits better)

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David, i am back from our hunting trip and back on with the discussions on the board. Yes the first photos are a pelt "Copperhead" as they call them. I am not sure where the name came from but thats what it is. I agree that other makers had the same name but different color combos but still leaning on the brownish earth tones. The photos you have shown is a good example of the pelt copperhead and a few like the added color of blue in them to give them a real eye appeal and yes there are ones with blue added. I have two nice ones as examples in my collection and you done good on finding one and they are a tad harder to find, say around the 8.6 range. Hope this gives you some more insight into the pelts. Chuck G--

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