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Tucson Best Bead


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I attended Tucson Best Bead and I have 4 new marbles. Two for me and two for Joseph. This one is a Kevin O'Grady. If you know Kevin's work, you know that each year he changes the cap of his marbles. This year (2012) he is using more silver and sparkly blue.


all of the cap is not visible from this end. Kevin also changes the millis in his design each year. There are new flowers in the cap.


I believe this is the prettiest cap he has done. I love the lattice look the millis are embedded in.

Two more views of the cap


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This marble is a Joshua Mazet. Josh has put so much into this marble that it looks like more than one marble. Josh told me he was trying to transition from land to water in this marble. I think he achieved that. I refer to this marble as Josh's "tidal pool".



A jellyfish window on this side of the marble

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