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"1931" Collection


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I just acquired 2 tins of marbles from a New jersey estate - at the bottom of one of the tins was a 1931 "Tarzan" comic strip (folded as cusioning) . so I am refering to these as the "1931" collection or lot - the original owner got them as a kid and stopped picking them up right before he went off to war so 1923-1935 (or about then) I am in between Cameras (the one I have is not good with macro) so I apologizies for the lack of clarity and definitiion but these first groups have a lot of character - superman - christmas trees & rebels - very large Akro Blue Eggyolk and 3 Peltier John Deeres, the majority of the lot seem to be Peltier and Akro with some great Akro Imperial's yellow/white/oxblood and limeade oxblood's as well as some "flamed" christensen and other great mib's - the little 3 for a penny box is japanese - will post more when my new camera arrives later this week. and look for us on AMC's "Comic Book Men" epsiode 3 airing Sunday Night at 10pm right after the "Waliing Dead" I have a recurring role in the series.





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