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An Unusual Sulphide.

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that almost looks like Ben Franklin sitting on a goose,,, looks either polished or new,, a few years ago i had a sulphide that had a bear with a big log across his shoulders,, i was told later on it had a sybolism theme to it,,and was of Teddy Roosevelt, with his theme walk softly and carry a big stick,,, teddy bear big stick,,, made sense after i unloaded it,, never seen another one after that,,,, not sure if that is Ben Franklin what it means,,, bj

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Just a guess, but the figure may be an allusion to Venus' Swan-drawn chariot.

"Venus, in her swan-drawn chariot, had not yet reached Cyprus, when she heard coming up through midair the groans of her beloved, and turned her white-winged coursers back to earth." Thomas Bulfinch, Age of Fable: Vols. I & II: Stories of Gods and Heroes. 1913

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