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Kayson's Champs


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Hi these came out of an old store during the past month - Kaysons CHAMPS amrbles - all NOS - the one box I opened only had the one green marble (but the other look as if they had more) and there are only the 3 different types in the box, 2 look like Alley the other ?



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I have seen pics of this box before and marbles are usually similar to the ones you show. My first thought was Alox, second is Champion for those marbles. I have not seen your game before, John. But none of the box pictures that I have show any opaque marbles - all these transparent swirl types.

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the game is made by kaysons, but i do think they had 2 boxes per game in the set,, it seams like the box holds 30 or so mibs if i remeber correctly, i will have to go find it these pics are in my photo files

ok found it,, the box i have has 34 ,,,, 17/32 in. mibs and the box isnt full

box dimensions is 3/4 X 2- 9/16 X 5 inches long

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