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Wvmcc Show Reminder

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Spoke to with Comfort Inn Last night. Blocked rooms are filling up, but some additional rooms will be given at special club rate. First come, best served. The deadline for reservations is Friday, March 30th, midnight.

If you're on the fence about coming, let me help you decide. This show is going to be great. The show room is fabulous. Many club announcements, enhancements, and more. Much more.

You won't want to miss this show. If you make it, or not, remember I told you so.


Rt 77, Marietta exit 1.

Rt. 7 north, one block on right, as seen from the freeway.


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Will be getting there on Wed and open my room for TH and Fri., stop in say hi, chat a while and look at my ''stuff'' - I always bring lots of goodies and a great variety of ''stuff'':>)

make me some offers that it would be hard to refuse (LOL)

be good to see the older friends and meet new collectors.

Di from southeast PA

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I am very excited to attend this year's show.

I will be in on Thurs. afternoon.

Please stop in my room & introduce yourself.

I like to match up the people with board names.

I also fished the river in the late 70's & 80's. I put the hurt on some big catfish.

I may have to stay a day longer & drown some worms.

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