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Doesn't Anyone Educate Themselves

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here is the sellers update LOL

I have had an inquiry from a marble collector who does not believe this is a Christensen Guinea, he believes it is a Contemporary Guinea. I respectfully disagree. Look over the pics and judge for yourself.

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Well, finally some proof for the ebay do-nuthin's who have too much of a live and let live attitude about bad sellers. If only the right pair of eyes could see that these sellers are really just guessing at thier ID when they list these auctions, and or are just lying from the git go. 'Look over the pics and judge for yourself',... indeed. Why would you have to say this if you knew you were correct.

Don't any of these crooks have any respect for their own reputations, or themselves?

Why don't they just stop using the separate categories in the listings since it doesn't seem to weed out anything that doesn't belong.

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This one isnt even a very good fake. Everything is wrong about it. No seams, color wrong, and pattern. The seller is trying to cya by saying you decide. It means he knows but I'll still reimburse you even postage. Too bad who ever wins it will have to go thru the trouble of that.

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Are you sure it's not real???

I've had mine questioned.

By some respected know it all's.

Since Ive had them for over 20 years. I think I'm sure?

So I've decieded not to ask anyone anymore.

If you've seen them in hand there's no question wether they are real or not.

So that's the way it is.

On this day Feb 2 1987???

Good Day.


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