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Wvmcc's New Site Restructure Now Live, And Running.

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I Added a few more Classics this morning. http://westvirginiamarblecollectorsclub.com/identification/?cat=23 I also added two to the Jabo 'misc.' Category.

I've got a ton more pics to crop and load in a number of categories. Hopefully have them up sometime between now, and Mon. night.

Thanks for the feedback.

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The site looks great. Is there anyway to access the old articles or newsletters or is it only for members?

The Newsletter isn't being published to the web site. This is something we've contemplated, but at this point in time, it isn't happening for a few reasons. The back issues can be purchased by anyone through the site, or at a show. Of course, current issues go out to all members in print form, as published.
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