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Let's See Some Lutz Marblesand Some Superman Marbles

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Marbles by Robert L. Hamon, the marble artist who most influenced me to collect contemporary marbles. These are 2 inch marbles


The one on the right side is Donald Hamon, brother of Robert L. both 2 inches

hamon3inch2.jpg 3 inch Robert L. Hamon

hamonlutzeverywhere1.jpg2 inch Robert L. Hamon, lutz mist taken with my old camera. This marble is covered, but even I can't see it in the pic.

lutzmistredbluewhitecore296.jpg Taken with the new camera, there it is, lutz mist all over 2 inch marble

turqwhitecore2Cpurpeandlutzrib296.jpgvaportrails297.jpgVapor Trails, 3 inch

Little one is 2 inches

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New machine mades


"Edith Irene" from the Tribute Friendship run at JABO 3/4 inch


"Edna Ross" from the Tribute Friendship run at JABO, 3/4 inch


Sammy's Mountain Marbles, Marblel Buddys, First Edition 5/8 inch


Last Dance, Blue Tango 3/4 inch


Last Dance, Flamenco 3/4 inch


Legacy, named "Hamon" 3/4 inch


Hillbilly Magic, this one has silver 3/4 inch, named "Silver Fox"


Marble Buddys, First Edition 5/8 inch


Friendship run "Stratofortress"

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I have a question. Contemp makers call a marble "mist" if it looks like the red, white, and blue Hamon I have in post #3. the antique handmade looks to me like it has lutz laid out in bands or ribbons like the blue, purple, and green Hamon in the same #3. The contemp makers lay the lutz in ribbons and then twist it along with the colored ribbons. I would not call the marble in post #10 a mist. Are the rules different for antique and contemp? Not criticizing, just curious about the difference.

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