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I've seen people claim their eyelashed corks were pre-freeze and came from the 1920's. And I think I've seen someone claim they came from 1910.

But Akro didn't even exist in 1908.

I know -- didn't they get their first automatic feeders (Empire) around 1927? I think that's as early as any corkscrew could be . . .

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It's a reserve. Say someone put a 100 reserve. Starting at 10. First bidder bids but is below reserve. So it will only show his first bid at 10. Next bidder to come along a puts in the 100 but first bidder max was only 20 max. There will then be gap between 20 to the resve at 100. thats why you see gap because the first bidder didnt have that much to their max bid.

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