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New Old Or Jabo And A Little Of Time To Play

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Hi all well it all started with my cat enjoying the sun even though it it was only about 25 degrees out side . but sumnny and time to goof off with pictures

the start of it .










well I have a few pics and here is the link to all different color back grounds . there are bout 35 pictures .

but what ever I put it in a cabinet it is about 3/4 in size . Mike

http://smg.beta.phot...w Old or Jabo?


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I found this in the wild with a lot of marbles was the Jabo a contract run or some that were made for WallMart ?? it is a nice marble no matter . Also when I first got my cat she was what looked like all white with blue eyes still blue eyes but after two litters she is getting more color . Mike

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