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Christensen Agate Green Glass Guinea On Morphys Auction

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Talked to Brian E. this morning and the Green glass Guinea came up. Brian said he understood why

some would feel the marble was other than a Christensen (myself included) as the photo's were not that

good. Brian said new photo's were being taken and they would be posted. Brian said the rating would be

lowered to a 9.3 as initially he missed a little imperfection on the marble. He also said all the colors were

spot on for a Christensen and he had no doubt whatsoever that it was anything other than a true rare

green glass Christensen Agate Guinea. Now if Brian says it's a Christensen Agate Guinea, then that's

what it is. Ronnie

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I agree with Peltier. But,i have never had it in hand? Just another opinion. Mistakes are made. Even Brian is not perfect. We are all human. A Sureshot box with 100% Alley marbles listed as Heaton Agate marbles.

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