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How Happy Was Everyone With Their Recent Morphy Auctions Purchases?

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I didn't buy anything this go around, but I was disappointed with a marble that purchased on the previous auction. It was a carnelian ox, graded 9.6, with a pinprick/ding that wasn't mentioned or shown in the pics. I also bought a couple others, with imperfections, that weren't mentioned, shown, or accounted for in their grading. None of them were easy to notice, so I'm thinking they're probably not giving each marble a thorough examination before assigning a grade.

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I normally take the 2.5 hour drive to inspect the goods in person. This time I did not have the time. So I can wag the finger at myself for the condition being lower than expected on 2 out of 4 handmade lots.

What I was really not happy with this time was the box I bought. I normally do not buy machines, but saw a neat Akro box going cheap. When I opened it the bottom of the box, it had a thumb sized hole punched through it that looked fresh. Perhaps it was there before, perhaps it was by the shipping dept. I did recently return something on eBay to the shipping Mgr of Morphys. So who knows

I was very pleased with one particular lot I bought, so in the end I suppose it was a wash.

Lesson learned, do not bid without looking over the goods in person!

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Killer design!! I though hard about bidding on that one, but with it not having a grade assigned to it, I figured it must look much worse in hand. This is an example of the small things, that Morphys needs to improve on, if they want to be "top notch" and have an unrivaled reputation.

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Time for a short Rant. I used to support the Morphy Auction but lately I refuse. Lousy Pics, Grading issues, Way too many marbles in each auction(only benefits Morphy and a few buyers. Driving marble prices into the basement for many types) I feel they are doing a dis-service to the hobby(why take marbles to a show when you can just send them to Morphy) Gpoing to shows and taking marbles to sell that will not be at the next show Etc Etc. I know of several very unhappy sellers and it seems the only one really smiling is Dan with his 35-40% income on every marble sold.

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The bummer on 1967 was the poor pics and no grade! The worst thing was that the proceeds went to charity, so I wish they could have maximized the description, that thing had like thirty interlocking flame tips that the never got a photo of.

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Well, I haven't recieved my stuff yet, but FedEx says today it will be here.

I did call Morphy's the other day to ask about the printed catalog. It came today...

WOW very nice!!!!!!!! 296 page hardback book, on just that auction. I now see why it's 30 bucks, plus .75 cents to mail.

Super nice....


Okay my stuff came today. I'm pleased with my buy's. The suliphide looks better then pictured.

My Gropper boxes look like they have never been touched. The shipping box for the 4 gropper boxes has some wear. It even has a label on the end. I haven't seen one of these boxes before, pretty rare??

So, I'm good. I haven't looked at the Heaton....Alley's yet.

I'll get some pictures in a bit.

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Cool. I hope they send me a catalog from now on. I like them.

Okay got some pics together.

The Heaton's *Alley's* are mostly flames, but I didn't take the time to set them up for that.


Here's the Gropper Boxes.......Check out the shipping label. Tell's what's in there.


Shipping box has wear....but the inside boxes are like new.

So staying on topic...All in All, I'm happy that I sat thru the 7 hour auction.

Thanks for looking!

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Sure would like to see my marbles. Because I was a first time buyer, they needed a check instead of accepting my credit card. Not a problem.

- Invoice received by email on 4/21

- Payment mailed on 4/22

- Check cleared my account on 4/29. Money went to their account.

- Called Morphy's today to see if they had been shipped and the person answering the phone had no idea where my order was in the process. She saw the payment was received but could not find any record of shipment or planned shipment.

Asked me to call back on the weekend to see if someone working then could tell me what is going on. I didn't spend as much money as some people but it was a significat amount for me.I guess $600 in buyers premium and shipping sure doesn't buy good customer service.

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I don't understand them not taking a credit card it's instant payment. They know right then if it's good or not. I paid the morning after the auction with a credit card and it still took 2 1/2 weeks to get my winnings. I bought boxes they were as described but the grading of the marbles in them was lacking.

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