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Seminar For Learning?

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I am totaly new, but so many times I have looked to ebay and various sites and have seen - no bids - for what looked like great marbles. Then there were large bids for what looked like damaged marbles. Clearly there is lots to learn.

Are there tell tale signs of fakes? Or of fantastics?

Well there are those that can help, no???

I used to go to a geneology conference and I learned so much.

Why can't there be a "conference" or seminar or whatever that charges people to learn about different aspects about marbles and marble makers.. Maybe this already exists and so forgive me.

But I would go to this and so would some of my friends.

Please let us know.....



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join a marble club or go to a show....if you cant find somebody in those places that wanna share knowledge, you haint lookin too well...youll find the room tradin portion of the weeek to be what youre lookin for...some shows have special guests or topics.....theres several a year and most every part of the country .....what do you mean by charges...you wanna pay money to sit in a conference.....i dont know how you could learn everything at a seminar...fakes and reproductions abound...that too is info you can get on the internet..its been covered ad nasaum by some of the egghead types that strive to educate....i think what youre lookin for already exists...its just kinda spread out...

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Hi flyball,

I would be happy to charge you to learn about marbles.(LOL)

I have helped several people learn what marbles were made by what MFG.

Shown them the common ones & the rare ones too.

Then as soon as you have them to your level, you can bid against them

at auctions, look at the marbles they bought in a room at a show that you would have

purchased if you didn't help them to know what you know,

And forget about getting anything from them that you might not have,

because you want it they'll keep it.

At least thet's been my learning session's.

Sad thing is it hasn't been limited to just one,but many of my pupils..

So at least if you're willing to pay, sign me up.


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Guest browse4antiques

Just work on one type of marble at a time. Pick something that seems to make sense, then ask some questions here to confirm your understanding (or have it corrected). We have all gone through the startup phase, and are willing to help newbies. ... Roger

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Hello Marblemiser,

That IS sad.

I guess there are only so many old marbles out there. Yes, knowledge, experience and the time it takes to teach all have value. Wish I could "sign you up" but there are no seminars. It was a hopeful suggestion.

Goin to the Canton show?

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Yep, I'll be at the Canton show.

This time I'm comming alone.

Last time I brought non marble people I had to leave at 10:00 pm.

I didn't even get started & they were ready to go.

I'll have some good stuff for sale too.

I'll be the one in a Cowboy hat.

So bring lots & lots of $$$$$ LOL


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Actually no. I'm not kidding.

Everyone that I helped early on in there newbie stage.

Save one has ever called to offer anything for sale or trade.

Oh, they'll sell them to someone else & then tell me about it.

But I have never been offered first refusal.

Also, at auctions when I would bid on something, they would run

the bid. Why? And this is from one of the guy's I helped.

" because I don't want him to get it for a steal"

Yep, that's a fact. Then when I got it. Tthe runner up would ask me how high

I was going to go & what I thought it was worth???

Oh, yeah. If someone is willing to pay me to teach them I'd take the money.

It seems that what I know isn't even worth a phone call.

Although Not every marble person is like the select few that I helped.

Thank goodness.

There are more good apples in the barrel. than the ones that use you up

then forget where they got there knowledge

That's my story & I'm sticking to it.


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Guest browse4antiques

I've never had anything like any of those experiences with any of the people that I have helped along the way. Perhaps you are inspiring them with too much competitive spirit when it comes to collecting. ... Roger

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Never wanted or expected anything from anyone I helped learn this wonderful Hobby. I have provided quite a few free marbles to Newbies as learning tools and I have done that with only one request. Please pass on the knowledge and the marbles when the time is right. PLAY IT FORWARD FOLKS< IT IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL: And as with Edna I have been lucky enough to see some folks I helped early on accumulate some out of this world collections.

mi·ser noun \ˈmī-zər\
Definition of MISER
: a mean grasping person; especially : one who is extremely stingy with money
Examples of MISER
  1. <the miser liked to sit and play with his money>
Origin of MISER
Latin miser miserable
First Known Use: circa 1560
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Yep, that's me.

So named at the begining of my contact's with some of the

most well known int the marble biz.

I had two collectors come to my house to look at my collection.

At that time I had over ten thousand marbles in Un, sorted. jars every where

The fact is I hand't sold one marble till that time.

The first part of our conversation started like this.

" looks more like a miser's collection."

That's when I adopted the handle MARBLEMISER.

When they left, I had two new friends in the marble world.

I don't know what happened to one of them his name is Mike Z.

The other is a well known published in every marble book you can

buy. Brian Estepp.

The fact is that I did not hide my knowledge under a basket.

I shared it with anyone that asked. Not caring wether I benifited from it or not.

It's really hard to find people that want to talk about marbles.

Then offer feed back, that's what I felt I would have.

Someone that had a pasion for their beauty, colors, the complex way of the handmade's

that was what I looked for.

Someone to share with, not to turn them into a worse horader of marbles

than I was.. I say was. If you look at my feedback on ebay.

You will see where I did move them along to a lot of good homes.

Also I purchased a lot for my own collection.

Now it is time to move them along again.

I have some that I will still be miserly with.post-71-0-12134100-1370800588_thumb.jpg

But no one I know sell's their fav's.

Not at least till they're no longer here, to grasp them.

: a mean grasping person; especially : one who is extremely stingy with money
Anyone in the marble biz know's that I only fit one of these definitions.
I am anything but mean. or grasping. But the latter is me ten fold.
I'm tighter than bark on a tree> And that's the only reason I have the
marble collection I own today.
Nothing comes cheap or easy. You have to earn every bit of it.
That's what I did & that's what I do.
So I wear the marblemiser handle proudly, It was given to me by one
of the most well known people on the world of marbles.
So if you ask me about marbles, I may have an answer.
And I'm willing to share what I know, FREE.
If you ask me for money. The bank makes loans.
That's my story & I'm sticking to it>
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Yes I am one of the weird ones. I have often sold my favorites to get other favorites. There is only one marble in my collection I would have a real hard time parting with.(I do not believe there is one better) All the others have a price as I enjoy the hunt and dealings as much or more than the marbles.

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