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French Marbles And More...


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Was on vacation in Normandy and Picardie in France,visit the glassmuseum in Blangy-sur Bresle.

An employee has done some research in the archief of the museum and told me,there has been made hand made marbles from 1890 till the WW11,and after the war there have been made lots of machiene made marbles.

This link shows some info about the history of the glass plants in this area.


Here are some pic- of the museum.



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And Here you can see the parfum bottles



And here the chemist


And this marbles i've bought there in an antique shop,was told they are French.

They are 13/16

The base is milkish white and almost opaque.

When backlighted with a strong light,hardly any light passes through.

I've never seen them before.





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Fascinating. What a great display.

In your opening post you said 1980 ... did you mean 1800? 1880?

How many more countries will we find marbles were made in? I can hardly wait to learn.

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Guest browse4antiques

I think I have some like those. I believe I thought they were Akro because of the base. I'll go digging in the marble jungle. ... Roger

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