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Thought I'd share a couple of my current projects...


...Still working on the pattern. The other side is much better has the seam's real nice. Yeah it has aventurine.

And the current state of my Marble Polisher v3.0


Just need to get and attach the hinges. Already have the motors, holes drilled, wired.... ETA 10 days.

Thanks for looking!!!

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Hey Mike, Did some digging and found them here.....


Hope that helps.


As far as the machine goes, did the wiring today, and fired it up. Run's pretty good. I noticed the main shaft turns pretty fast, so I'm going to get some fan blades and attach

them to keep the motors cool.

Still need to get the grit, chains, and of course the heads. Other then that, I think it's ready to go.

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I buy all my supplies (grit) from Kingsley North, Inc. Their phone number is 1-800-338-9280. Their prices at the present time: 220 (step one- remove damage) 5# for $18.00, Step two (pre-polish) 600 grit $20.00 for 5# and step three, I use Raybrite A (final polish) 5# for $55.00. You may want to use 1000 grit for pre-polish (5# for $55.00) as it removes hardly any glass. The larger amount you buy the cheaper the price. Ask them to send you their Lapidary Supply Catalog which they will be happy to do.Hope this helps----Leroy----

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