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My Eyes...they Bleed !!

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Several hours later and several bad photos to be edited out, here is what I will be listing tomorrow and sunday

I will be cropping these, well , most fo them and silhouetting them with PS then listing

Still a few I am uncertain on.

Thanks a HELL OF A LOT to Clyde for spending 2 hours on the phone with me chatting about everything from marble ID to Picasso :)



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Well, all of this is up on the bay now

I put the GUinea up as well as took the superman down as a BIN item and put it up as a .99 auction.

Put up a few hundred pelts,got tired of sorting and trying to tell 1 from another. If it were MKs it would be different, but I dont like Pelts

Anyway, those that bid,good luck. Whatever it sells for is fine in most cases. Just trying to help out a lil old lady...where is my humanitarian award ? :P

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Some nice mibs! Looks like someone torched the heck out of that one CAC IMO

I dunno

This whole reapair thing is baffling to me on every level

I did a deal with Rich and got 3done that were in 3 different states of repair and I did a deal with Leroy for the same so I could have a REMOTE clue what you guys see.....and fail on all but knowing what Oxblood that has seen heat looks like ( A blind man could see this though so no brownie points for me ) and a missing pontil. I also see how heat can meld some glass ribbons together.

On machine polishing I can see where some moons get a funny shape and can have the semi-circle appearance , the horseshoe look. as well as how some marbles seem to have "cracks" deeper in the glass and once layers are removed get one wierd looking marble with cracks here and there that some would call annealing. Not sure what caused this,but I can tell the difference , at least in ones I have, between that type of appearance and machien polishing,vs annealing from some MK marbles I have that appear to have been fracturing from paly

I duno, I am still lost and confused Galen, my apologies for not grasping this quicker

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I giggled when I read the title of your "Sexy Peltier Woody"

OH I have ALL KINDS of fun with my listings :)

I get messages all of the time.

I started to mention Galens name in one, Clyds in another and even Rich;s name,but then I was worried that I could cause someone distress over a misworded remark or some such and decided not to

I also wanted to mention the website here, but again did not wish to potentially cause a head ache as if I offer X and there is an issue and they re-read and see a name or the sites name and are angry, how it could cause problems...

THEN AGAIN...if no 1 gives 2 shits, I will have some fun in 2 weeks when I list the next pile:P

AND YES....That was a continuous penis reference in the woody listing :P

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