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Super Eyelashes

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Thanks for the info. Yeah has a small crease, believe it's just a slight cold roll. Short and doesn't go all around. I don't see anything to make me believe it's a dbl ingot.

Has a fine texture in the black almost like on of those across the border marbles. I was obtained for a collector about 20 years ago. The guy had no dug stuff, so....

I may try to pick this up.

I spotted this and asked to photo it. I was looking for the 11/16" stuff I needed.

Cool, just when you think you seen it all......

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here's ours, 1 7/32", and no crease, no cold roll and smooth as a baby's butt. Have also seen a 1 1/4" lemonade, that Terry Lundeen owns. 1 and 1 1/8" can be found, ones larger are rare. and not an ingot. I think an ingot that big would be pretty awesome too.



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