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American Marbles Auctions Card In Todays Mail


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sami, post here the date the items are open to bid on. I know, sounds stupid,but I will forget otherwise. I miss a lot of Bob's auctions because I forge the date unless I am told the day of,within a few hours of starting :)

If you do not mind that is ! My money spends well, I just need to be pushed from time to time

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It is allowing me to pre-enter my bids

Here is an issue, i see it shows the NEXT incriment must be 10.00

So if I bid 10.00 on a marble, the next porson must bid 20 and me 30.00 to surpass them

if this is true, there would be a simply way for a person to manipulate many of these marbles. If a marble has a value of 25-30 and someone bids 20.00...unless a collector NEEDS it for his collection, he is not bidding 30.00

THis is what I am seeing on the YOUR BIDS page

Granted that may be fine on high end marbles, but on 20-50.00 Akro's and CACs it just seems fruitless to bid after the fact


I just tried to fudge some of my bids by 5.00

It only excepts 10.00 increments. That's a bit much on lower marbles IMO

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well I got 3 marbles will post when received . Mike

27 ENGLISH SOLID CORE SWIRL 7/8"+ (0.883") 9.5 A

30 ENGLISH DIVIDED CORE SWIRL 45/64" (0.705") 9.0

32 ENGLISH TRISTAGE COMPLEX CORE 55/64" (0.858") 9.1

all paid today, Subtotal for 3 Lots = $ 60.00 twenty each Buyer premium = $ 9.00 , Shipping & Handling = $ 5.00 , Insurance = $ 2.00 total $76.00




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Thanks to all who bid and was part of our premier auction. It was a lot of fun and excitement for us and will do our best to make the buyers happy.

William, please request a card with your package when you pay for your lot. My partner Jeff is handling the winners and he has the cards.

Best regards,

Sami Arim

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I won one lot # 129 a very nice hybrid can't wait till I get it. I wanted the other one but lost oh well ):. I will be mailing payment tommrow Sami. Also Sami do you know when your next marble auction will be??

I bid on both of those, too. Would have loved to get them. LOL. Congrats on your win!
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