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Playing For Keeps


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Very nice PR for the show Chad!

I can only imagine the treasures that it will motivate folks from the area to bring to the show. I will volunteer to be the door goalie to keep any real treasures from making it inside on show day. Wouldn't want to clutter up the show room with local wild stuff. All the tamed domesticated critters might get spooked.


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I will stop (just) short of calling anyone an old-timer - well, except for Scott ;) We are holding a ringer tournament on Friday night for the collectors - trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! It will be fun to see who all plays! I'll post a few photos after the event.

On Saturday, we will be holding a ringer tournament for the children who attend the show. A very special thank you to Cathy Runyan-Svacina who has graciously offered to drive up and teach the children how to play.

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