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Same Marbles Different Story...

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I REALLY hate busting bubbles down here. I mean..i LOVE saying "OMG! YOU SCORED!" But these are run by me every few weeks and it almost breaks my heart to tell people the true story and the value.

Last guy said " I eed 5.00/ea" I told him they were from the 90's, blah,blah,blah...he then goes " OK....I will take 4.00/ea" I said I would pay .25/ea on the lot of 80 or I would pay 1.00/ea to pick out one's I thought were pretty...he then said " OK ! FInal Offer 3.50/.ea!"

I think he thought I was blowing smoke up his backside heh

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If I had to "guess", because there seems to be an endless supply of them.

I'd say China. Why, because they have so many people, the government needs them to do something so they are not 'idle'.

Just a guess, tho.

You may be correct (about where they come from). These are hand decorated, discarded ball mill balls. This is a ball mill:


And here's where you can get "best price" ball mill balls:


But I think they are colored in the USA. The Chinese would do a better job decorating.

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