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Anyone Experiencing Glitches?


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A couple of people have mentioned problems when trying to include pictures. They seem to be different problems so far. But if you're having issues, please post a little about what you were trying to do and what you saw. Might be useful to know which browser or operating system you're using too. Thanks.

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OK: Here is what happens.

I go to Ranchowebb and click on the link for my pic. (left click) the link says hothousemar3b.6842165.jpg

I hit copy shortcut and go back to Marble Connection

I hit the icon that pops up in the reply box for images

the window for URL box pops up

I hit paste and get : pic.com/images/sissydear/hothousemar3b.6842165.jpg

I hit OK

It freezes and I have to hit the back button to unfreeze and start again.

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I am not able to get an image when I use that address.

The one you sent me in email had more in the address.


When I use that, the picture shows up.


Try that and see if the box still freezes. It doesn't freeze for me in either case so it might not be the address which is causing the problem. But let's see anyway what happens when you use the address which starts with http.

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Thanks for the thread, Steph. Mine is not a glitch but apparently a learning problem. I had to buy new computer with Windows 8.1. Pretty much different from previous Windows. I'm using IE for browser.The problem that I have is when I go to add a picture - uploaded from my computer. When I click on "Browse". my computer goes to Skydrive (which is a Windows picture feature that I have not learned to use yet). It does not give me any option to actually browse or get to my file folder with the marble pictures on it. Hopefully someone here is using Windows 8.1 and can tell me how to get "browse" to go somewhere other than to the Skydrive page.

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Hi Al. I am running windows 8.1 and ie 11. When I click "browse" a small window opens in the skydrive as you said. But on the left side is list. Scroll down the list to "this pc" and double-click on that; this will bring up your "pictures" folder(s).


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