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I want to see one of those window bags in person. Or at least a pic of a real one.

I wonder how many were ever bought 'coz I'm pretty sure I've never seen one. But I've hardly ever seen a double compartment bag either. As in, I've seen one but that might be all.

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That only double compartment bag I recall seeing has Pelts in it.

No, I can't recall ever having any solid information about who provided the moss agates or peewee patches which have been seen in their other containers.

My theories have centered around Berry Pink's known connections with Alley and Peltier during and shortly after his time with Rosenthal, but they're still only theories.

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Oh gee, I was looking all through my photobucket for the pic in the OP and then I found it right here at home in the gallery. :)

Was planning to add them to the Pelt Mostly Pix thread but now I'm not so sure that's what they are. Mike? That's what they are, right? I have them in my Peltier gallery album. Had to have been there for a reason. Going with for now.

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Steph, have you ever found any verified info on who Rosenthal got their marbles from

I asked George about this again recently .... still not sure. We've seen moss agates in those cello packets, right?

Isn't there a Rosenthal address of Sistersville, W.Va. on a Rosenthal bag or box?

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I don't know. Hopefully someone else who does will answer.

I hoped that Alley was connected with Rosenthal back when I was still nurturing the desire for there to be Alley patches. But that hope has been dashed. Is it in the Alley book? Now that I have functional bifocals I ought to try again to read it.

I see Rosenthal is mentioned on pp. 11 & 12.

Gonna start a new thread.

Edit: http://marbleconnection.com/topic/20413-for-what-companies-did-rosenthal-jobber/

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