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Ravenswood Patch And Paul Bunyun

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Possible proof of Paul Bunyuns made at Ravens wood?

Ron Shepherd and David Chamberlain helped me get these bags by iding them and buying some.Also sold some here and other boards,to get back some of money,lady had these for years 32 bags,all but 4 unopened.This was few years ago and finally maybe clicked,too many hobbies,lol.

This bag I opened for the red and clear ,were only 2 like it in all the bags,still got other one unopened.It only had 15 in it supposed to be 16,all others had 16 except 1 that had 17.

The purple and white appear to be patches like the PAul Bunyun ? Have other Paul Bunyuns with wider patches too.

Will post some others that had those as well.Still have unopened bag with same purple and white .

Possibly may have sold some with these ,Ron or anyone ?

Wondering if anyone else has bags with these? They are kind of plain and common in bags I got so they were overlooked .Also I was new to IDing ,collected but knew nothing ,still don't lol.

Could it be Paul Bunyuns were made at Ravenswood ?










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So you mean there were some small patches as well as the large ones?

I read an article -- an old article -- which said Ravenswood was able to make large marbles. I think 1" was specified.

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They look like swirls to me although if the hole the stram feed through gets large enough the marbles will look like patches and actually may be considered patches.

The third picture in first post looks most like patch to me.

So Paul Bunyun could have been made there by enlarging stram feed?

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I would think so. With some other equipment changes. Larger rounding rollers and possibly another shearing set up? Not real big of a deal with single stream marbles and the Paul Bunyan type patches appear to me to be simple single stream marbles. One large furnace with colors mixed( possibly with so called crucibles) in the furnace before exiting at the single stream. Not 2 or more furnaces each producing a different glass color mixed with a mechanism outside of the furnaces.

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