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Marble Auction In Cambridge Oh April 5, 2014

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This will be a large marble auction. Marbles from nine different collections and from six different states. Sorry but as stated on the auctionzip.com listing there will be no absentee bids,no phone bids,no internet bids, Live in person bids only. The auction is done by three people,the auctioneer,Walt and myself. We do not charge any buyers premium. All items are paid for before leaving the building. Walt and i cannot take absentee bids,pay for the items with our money,package and ship the items and collect the money later. Unless someone wants to volunteer to do this free,we cannot take absentee bids. Once we pay the auctioneer,rent for the building,the insurance,the printing and advertising cost,tax etc. Five days getting items ready for sale. There is no money to pay a staff to take absentee bids,collect money,package and ship items. Keeping the cost down helps sellers and buyers alike. Sellers get their money faster and buyers know exactly who they are bidding against,with less bidders to compete with. Bidders can bid more with no buyers premium fee. Actual live in person bidders only.

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