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An Odd Striped Transp- Or What?

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This one was in the group of striped transp-.

It has no visible seams,i wonder could one call it a striped transp-,does this issue also happen with American str/tr?

The glass is the same as that other str/tr from the group.


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Clyde,the glass,the colors and the size is exact the same as the other str/tr.If that was not the case ,i would not have asked what it is,i would have thought it's a swirl.

Galen,i really see no seam,it's like cat eyes,some sort of folded seam inside the marble,sorry i can't explain it very well.

If there is already a seam,i think it should be at the center of this picture.


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He He,think i finally see the seam,after looking for 4 times.

There are some very thin lines hardly visible,on both sides of the seam,hope it's visible at this pic-.

So it seems the German ones could have very wild swirls.


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