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Big Brother Anyone?


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I could give my personal opinion here, but it would be mathematically irrelevant.

I'm convinced that 'reality tv' is the most precise 50/50 'love it or hate it' thing

to ever hit television. And the networks think batting .500 is just fine!

After many many television-watching years on Earth, I've come to the conclusion

that people's viewing habits are fairly random and for the most part insignificant.

Which is to say that of all the finest people I've ever known, there isn't one who

hasn't loved a program that makes me want to vomit. And vice-versa.

So never say no to a 'second date' based on 'favorite tv programs'! ( :

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right on ,bob....ive got almost 60 years watchin tv.....weve gone from a fuzzy screen to a 5ft wall of crystal clarity digital 24 hrs blarin, in the 50s westerns were the bomb....60s cop shows 70s the sit coms were favs....I guess the 90s til now its c.s.i. for every city....so reality is what we "need"to see. bigfoot does exist and I really need a treehouse.......

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