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Omg.. These Are Pelts

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Bag yes. Cubby is iffy. Might be vacor. The colors blend too much. Also, funny that the only side that looks pelt she lets it get magnified. This seller is known to buy in bulk and expect them to be mint. When they are not she complains even though stated in auction that it says most are nm or better. Beware.

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Just bought these. Put the bid in for hahas and won. I know these are all pelts and they look pretty minty. I can't wait for these to come in. Wife brought up selling some marbles last week. I explained how I couldnt possibly get rid of any and maintain the integrity of my collection. I buy pelts and master. I am down for just about any but those are my niches. If any one needs a particular style I may trade.

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Got them today, they look great.

I almost can't believe that one with all the bubbles. I mean seriously, it's so light the thing has to be half air. Not to mention how it could have survived cooling? At some point I will weigh it and figure out the density and whether or not it is half air by volume.

Are these from your personal collection you are trimming down?

How do you decide what marbles go into which lots?

When will you sell me more pelts?

Thank you so much.

P.S., very interesting packing method.

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