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Handmade Marble Hystory

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Hi folks

I got some very interesting information the other day. A woman from Germany wrote me an email and attached several pictures of two marbles which she couldn't identify. The marbles look quite strange, both are quite small (14mm and 20mm) and a bit off round. There are no typical pontils, just some kind of a pit. So my guess was that these marbles were made in Tchechoslowakia probably and I asked her for more information.

She informed me that she found these marbles near a small town called "Heldengut" near Passau in Germany. It's just a few miles away from the border to Tchechoslowakia. She found these marbles together with a melting oven and other glass fragments in a field. She sent me some pages of the "chronology" of this town (see attachement, it is all in German of course).

According to this chronology there was a glass-hut on this place between 1546 and 1687.

Could it really be that these marbles were made that early ? I really don't think these are fakes, if one fakes a marble he would try to fake something more attractive, wouldn't he ?

PLMK what you think, thanks !




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