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What Is Your Most Interesting Boring Marble?


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While I was looking for my relatively boring sparklers, I ran across this marble again. It's hideous. But to me fascinating.

A single-seam cat's eye. I don't have a good guess for who made it. That's not a Vitro arrangement. It's four thin long vanes. Mostly gray but with some orange. I showed off the orange side in the picture but in hand it's mainly gray. Who made a gray cat's eye? The base is very clear, which makes it seem unlikely to be Asian.


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Did my pictures not show up?

Yikes, I just went to Photobucket and it looks like Photobucket might be broken. I can see my pix, but that may be because they're in my cache. Gosh, I hope this is a temporary situation. Losing Photobucket would be bad. [Edit: Now Photobucket says they're doing some maintenance.]

I've replaced the picture. There is my strange gray and orange cat eye in all its glory.

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There is my strange gray and orange cat eye in all its glory.

It looks related to those strange Anacortes "horseshoe" cat's-eyes to me. But I could be seeing things, just because I have a small handful of Anacortes horseshoes that are very similar in color -- the weird gray-orange combo - although most of mine are darker gray than yours. I pretty much got them because of their whacked-out color.

Got to think about the most interesting boring . . . .

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Steph to me it looks also like a horseshoe cat's eye type,and with 2 colored vanes and the clear glass,i would think an odd Vitro?Anyway it doesn't look boring to me.

LOL interesting and boring thats difficult to get to meet.

This 4 marbles were in a group of German striped transp-,i would like to call them freakish,actually i don't think they are boring.


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