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LOL RED!!! I have several dozen of the opaque red ones, but a transparent red one is as hard to find as it comes. In 15 years I have only had one. Second rarest would be true pink, I have had 4. Sorry no red or pink here. I'll try harder.

Intresting collecting tip though if anyone cares. As you can see in the pic Transparent Transitionals are somewhat commonish. The pic shows what I consider to be "select" examples. Nice 9's and in real good condition. I have an equal amount in the "not so select" pile. They have a poorer 9 but still in great condition. Then there is the "junker" pile that are below near mint, once again about he same amount. Then there is the "crappie" pile that have ended up in the tub with the catseyes and mangled stuff. I lost count of those. about twice the amount as seen in the pic at least. So lots and lots of transparent trannies out there.

However the pic below shows the total number of opaque examples I have found. Shooter size ones and one single regular size green example??? Not to sure what to think of that? The shooters have all come from the same source. The little guy was all alone in a random seperate group. I am not counting the opaque white and red ones in this observation as they are in random groups from time to time. It has me wondering where they all are?


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Winnie what is your observation of ratio to what you are finding between the transparent and opaque ones? From your pic it looks like you are finding more red ones than other colours. Plenty of those red ones here. Other colours are M.I.A at the moment for me.

Love that shooter green and blue.

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Think I find the same amount of transparant ones (slags) as opaque ones.

Lately i find more red/white opaques than other colored opaques.

How do you call your opaque ones??

Surely they are not slags like the transparant ones.

Here's one with av,do you find them?


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