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To Our West Coast Friends


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It was pretty strong along the coast around San Francisco. We had a good rain in the morning here in Sacramento, and I had great fun down by the corner, splashing around in the water, and trying to clear the gutters and clogged drains. No major flooding downtown, and only a few cars got smashed by falling trees. All in all, a very fine day.

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It was hard and steady all day into the night. Many of the streets were small rivers. A few friends in Napa got a little water but nothing serious. They made such a big deal out of it ahead of time everyone took it seriously and were pretty much prepared. The cities had time to make sure all the drains were clean and leaves picked up so everything drained pretty well. I had a camera set up to keep an eye on my drains while I was at work and everything worked great. The biggest pain was getting every leaf picked up ahead of time so the drains wouldn't plug.

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