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No, they don't bring much, it's just one I would have plucked out because it's old, and worth more than a dime marble like a lot of them in the pic. It might be worth a couple dollars. That red/white/blue one almost out of the pic in the right corner, is that one of the popeyes in the other pics?

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Hi Sara welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of Marbles :)

The " as made " on your Transitional is not all that uncommon i have at least one here with the identical mark and have seen several other posted to forums over the last year or so , Incidentally the term transitional basically refers to the time period when marble making was transforming from handmade to machine made.

They are quite easily identifiable when you get a feel for them often the coloured glass will be bunched up with a little indented line in the glass as per your second picture i think you may find you have several more in your slag collection

Happy collecting Craig

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A pleasure Sara

Here is a link to transitionals by a knowledgeable gent by the name of Roger I don't mind telling you i reckon he has forgotten more than i know about the subject :D this page was a real help to me when i first started to try and identify my finds :)


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