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There's no way I'm going to be able to watch this tv show.

Just seeing it in the listings is already causing me a little discomfort,

because there's little food in the house and I'm not going anywhere today.

But boy this looks good! :P

(In this particular situation, the smiley is not indicating a joke. It's simply salivating.)


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Sorry to bring this up Bob !

I just came back from the store with 5 cheeses, Good no sugar snack. The local Grocery Outlet Store(known in these parts as Ghetto Grocery) often has some great cheeses.

1. Cello, "Reserva" Italian style Fontal

2.Baron County Cheese - "Gouda"

3Tillamook "Garlic White Cheddar" Anything made by Tillamook is a step above.

4. Tilllamook "Smoked Black Pepper White Cheddar"

5. Sugar Brook "Spicy Gouda"

I already have the stool softeners if needed (LOL)

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Hee-hee! I'm sure the overall situation more than makes up for a need to be prepared for consequences!

No problem with bringing up incredibly good-sounding stuff.

I've gotten myself into a mental state where I can enjoy the idea of looking forward to going out tomorrow

and getting something really good.

These all sound really great.

Gouda comes into the category of things for which I can say "I've never had a (gouda) I didn't like. Some are

just a little better than others." And white cheddar might be my overall favorite. Particularly if it's sharp and

benefits greatly from being brought to room temperature. ( :

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My husband has been watching those cooking shows and he wouldn't eat any of the food even if we did have it in the house.

But he regularly watches people cooking up their vegetables and stirring their sauces and chopping their fresh herbs ....

it's very strange.

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Goude cheese,I think it's Dutch,it's named after a town here,and it's delightful.

I like almost all if not all cheeses,Dutch--French--Italien,it does not matter for me,also goat cheese.

I buy them here on the market,the choise is their the greatest,and they've boxes with pieces of cheese,that you can taste.

Lately,more and more new cheeses come on the market with tasty herbs.

So now I'm going to eat a tasty piece of cheese.

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