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Hello From Nantucketdink

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OK, it looks like AAM is down for the count and I need a new primary residence. Hi!

My name is Josh Dinklage. I am a 45 year old male who grew up with the nickname "Dink." I live on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts and you can call me Nantucketdink. I live with my girlfriend/fiancé Tracy and our 6 year old daughter Dory...and our 2 year old yellow lab dog Fisher. I have only been collecting marbles for about 4 years, but I have been doing it intensely. I am a passionate JABO, Sammy's Mountain Marbles, and Dave's Appalachian Swirls collector. When I say passionate, what I really mean is that I am obsessed, addicted, highly motivated, and driven. My collecting goal is to try to get an example of every different marble made by these companies. I also collect Vacors with my daughter and have modest collections of Champions, Vitros, Ravenswoods, Cairos, Heatons, Jacksons, MKs, and other machine mades. I really like Dave McCullough's marbles more than anybody else's if that wasn't clear enough already. Marbles tell a story and I love discovering new and interesting adventures that I find in the marbles. I also love fishing and have recently rediscovered the fun of building stuff with Legos with my kid. I enjoy the hobby much more by sharing it with others and the internet is my best resource for this at the moment.

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Hi Nantucketdink - glad you are here :)

I collect Akro, but have only collected for about ten years, always learning, always wanting more.

I also enjoy just sharing what I have, and what I find.

I consider you a serious Jabo guy, and thank you for that, I know very little about them so far.


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