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Any Tips For Differentiating Patch Marbles?


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I can tell marble king pretty well, but I have a bunch of patch marbles that could be peltier, akro, vitro or some other company that I just can't quite be sure about. I certainly don't want to post each one here, so I figured I would see what some best practices you guys (and gals) had for these types of marbles.

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Not a fan of softballs, eh?

The only blanket answer I can give is "experience".

Given any two marbles from different makers I might be able to usefully describe their differences in a way which could translate to other IDs. But no set of rules from scratch. And nothing near comprehensive.

So many exceptions to any rule.

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I know very little about patches. At my very rudimentary level, the basic (and kinda only) generalization I go by is that Akro patches usually seem to have curving ends that give their marbles the weird appearance of smiling. :)

Or frowning, whichever way you look at them. :(

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