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Popeye Definition

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With the bright light, I can't see into the marble. Can't see the details of any clear or wisps.

Is that a documented popeye color combo?

In my opinion, it doesn't matter how much white or wisp it has if there is reason to believe that it was truly a marble from a Tri-Onyx run. Something could have no clear but if there's reason to believe it was meant to then I call it a Popeye.

Why do you have reservations? That's not more cornflower is it? Do you think the dark band was an accident? Could there be mossy glass instead of clear deep inside?

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I have reservations for what looks like an opaque white running alongside the light blue.

Lollol! about the cornflower :D It's pretty darn close.

These pics are the best I could do to capture the wispy white.

I've not seen another of these, just a strange marble that I'm trying to place.


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