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Is This A Pelt?


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Now I'm going to ask a big favor.

Can we have a photo of it with some other marbles? It's so bright, I'm not sure I'm seeing all the colors and textures right. With a few other marbles in the picture, I might be more sure about the visual cues.

Until you said 7/8", I started wondering if it could be a Vitro Superior. I don't know if they made Superiors that big.

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:) Thanks :)

I'm starting to really want to say Vitro on it!

But if it has, say, six ribbons, and if they can be interpreted as being red, red, yellow on one side, and yellow, red, red on the other, then that could be a K&M, right? Can you squint and see six ribbons?

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I don't think there is an actual yellow in this marble, it looks to me like its a deep orange or red, but thin over the opaque white, which is making it appear yellow if that makes sense.

I looked and looked at several different ketchup and mustards, and as much as I want it to be one, I don't think it is. I'm having a hard time distinguishing ribbons, but only because I'm not too familiar with Pelt construction.

A bloodie? I'll start looking those up :)

And do you have a name for it MC Marbles?

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Jessica, gotta go with pelt on this one in my opinion, i have the same marble and in hand its a great one. Yes, pelt made a red and orange sperate color combo, also a possibility of a "K&M" with red and yellow. The more sought after ones have the av in them. Chuck G--

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