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hehe ... no poetry

That looks strange to me. I'd be tempted to think "remelt" but I wouldn't panic unless I heard that from Galen. Maybe it got hung up on the rollers?

From what I understand, the term "Diaper Fold" has fallen out of vogue. I still like the term but I don't see one there. A marble would need a single fairly neat seam for me to want to call it a Diaper Fold. And a nice smooth looping action visible from the side.

SingleSeam_mandrakes.jpgSingleSeam_mandrakes_b.jpg. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . .SinglePin_SimplySerina_sm2.jpg
(marble photos from Manddrakes' auctions)

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Hey, guys, I'm right on this one! :P

The Mandrake marble I posted shows a diaper fold.

Here is Alan's diaperfold diagram:


The seam is the top of the diaper and the little baby legs come out of the holes on the side. :)

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