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A Webber From Weber


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I'm not sure exactly what's going on here.

This doesn't look like any spider I've ever seen.

And yet the critter in the middle is in the central 'I own this web'

position, and doesn't appear to be 'caught'. He also appears to

be 'dealing' with something that's definitely stuck.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts from people who know about this stuff. ( :


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Just took another look about eighteen hours later, and I might

as well be looking at the photo. Nothing has changed at all, so I'm

going to assume the flyball is correct. Will keep an eye out for the spider.

I'm a New York boy myself, but Dad was from outside Pittsburgh, and

moved around in Ohio for many years. Oh my gosh... BRO! :lol:

(Later edit) Another post elsewhere has made it clear that I made

an ass-umption for no good reason. My silly joke should end with 'SIS!' :blush:

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