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What Are You Watching Now?


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Oh Steph..... (Let me add a few more 'sad pause' dots....................)

Around 8:00 on Thursday night?

You could have been watching 'The Astronaut Wives Club'!

Although I'm just 'razzing' Steph about our different viewing priorities,

I'd really like to recommend this show to those of you who might be willing to take a

gamble on my personal opinion in spite of all the ridiculous things I've said here in the past. :D

The show is brilliant. It's some of the best and most fun television I've seen in years.

But if you decide to watch it, you absolutely have to make a point of starting with the first episode, and proceeding from there.

Two reasons for this!

One, it's important to have all the 'historical facts' occur in proper 'time sequence'.

Also, my 'high' opinion of the show has nothing to do with it being 'high-brow'. It isn't.

It definitely has at least a little 'soap-opera attitude' to it.

So it's important to start at the beginning to understand exactly what later 'whispered comments'

and 'subtle facial expressions' really mean!

Hope you enjoy it if you decide to check it out. ( :

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Tonight's going to be an exciting night on Big Brother. Will watch Under the Dome after that.

Under the Dome is super silly, but I committed to it in Season 1, so I am seeing it through to the end.

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It's really getting out there, isn't it. lol

The producers must have been like, "Season 1 was so popular that we have to stretch this as much as we can." But I hear the current season will be the last, so I'll hang in. :)

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Tonight is Survivor premiere and the Big Brother finale.

Tomorrow is Heroes Reborn.

Friday is Amazing Race.

And that will be my TV line-up for the fall.

Oh wait, I'll also be watching The Great British Baking Show and Dr. Who on PBS.

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I wound up with a new television channel a while back.

(Fellow Nerds! Don't forget to 're-scan' your TV every once in a while! You never know!)

This station shows a lot of old sit-coms, which is great by me.

Most of the time I get into a sort of trance, where I actually feel like I'm a little kid again,

watching the show for the first time fifty years (or whatever) ago.

But every once in a while the 'adult me' comes out.

In this particular situation I had to raise my arm in a 'right-on' manner and yell out

"Go Mr. French!"

He had just 'secured' (as he would say) a date with Ann Sothern! Yay! :D


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