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Help Filling Out A Board


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Generally pass on these type of marbles because they are always in the 1/2" to 9/16" range and way over priced. Had to buy this one though even though it's missing two. Anyone have 2 that will match up with this set? Marbles measure from between 13/16" and 7/8". The pontils are something I have never seen before either? They are pretty crude but have been faceted/ground? Would these have been early or later type pontils? Any info would be great.









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I'll take a look around. Might have a couple like that but can't remember the size.

I imagine that there was some variation in technique when these guys were twisting a glob off the cane, and also variation in the faceting techniques/tools. Maybe they were 'Friday Afternoon" or 'Monday Morning' marbles. Although the melted pole of the marbles looks decent.

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I agree on them being later as well. From past marbles I have sold with a blue bases and well faceted pontils this glass seems seedier and crude. Not sure if it is the original board either? It was the only board in the trunk and I had to scrounge the marbles out of the bottom. The mahjong set was dated 1923 and the playing cards were dutied at 3p, also a 1920's timeline.

I'llhavethat1 yours looks like it would fit in a pinch. There is one there with skinny orange. I'll send you a PM

One more will let me play, but two more for a set.

Has anyone even memorized the order of moves to win at Solitaire? Not me.

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