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Things That Make You Go Burp


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Okay, how weird am I? Yeah, I set myself up with that one, didn't I. lol

When I have a sore joint -- as I have now -- and stretch it out, it often makes me burp! From my current elbow issue down to a sore toe joint. *burrp*

What's up with that?

Am I the only one?

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Everything is connected to the digestive tract!

Okay, that's not completely true. But it's 'truer' than most people think.

Honestly, I'd recommend that anyone who hasn't 'experimented' with

probiotics give them a shot. You might be amazed by a noticeable

improvement in your overall sense of 'well-being'.

The best way to do this is to make 'live culture' fermented foods at home.

Like yogurt, pickles, or sauerkraut.

But the overpriced little bitty containers of yogurt or pills from

trusted manufacturers are also good if you can afford them. ( :

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The elbow pain has healed in a way, and become more convincing in another way. So good news/bad news.

The general pain has subsided. Now I can feel a particular location on a particular bone, below the joint in the forearm. Can lift a little, but not twist or pull. And when I when I push the limits ... like by holding a pot as it fills with water ... I think I reinjure it ... so when will I stop doing that?

This paragraph seems to describe where my issue is:

"Our forearm contains two long, parallel bones: the ulna and the radius. The ulna is the longer and larger of the two bones, residing on the medial (pinky finger) side of the forearm. It is widest at its proximal end and narrows considerably at its distal end. At its proximal end, the ulna forms the hinge of the elbow joint with the humerus. The end of the ulna, known as the olecranon, extends past the humerus and forms the bony tip of the elbow. At its distal end, the ulna forms the wrist joint with the radius and the carpals."


Pretty sure it's my ulna ... since pain seems to be connected with pinky involvement as opposed to work involving the index finger and thumb. And it would make much sense for the problem to be at or near the olecranon.

I don't remember ever studying the skeleton!

Hey, I love to learn and this is a memorable lesson.

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Ugh ... took apart the plumbing under the kitchen sink. Much twisting was involved -- used both hands. Elbow felt fine last night. But overnight it became inflamed again. Yum.

Is this what arthritis sufferers live with on a regular basis?

But in positive news, four days ago I ran my first straight mile. And two days ago I ran my second.


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Tomorrow. For sure tomorrow. Resting all muscles today coz of my sad elbow.

Definitely tomorrow. Committed to this. Gonna work up some speed on the first mile and then try to add a second mile before winter. :)

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  • 11 months later...

Got out of the habit of running ... no surprise, eh.


But I've done a little here and there and it feels comfortable.  Did a half mile easy today.  Then walked a bit.  Then maybe did another quarter.   

No burps.


Maybe a little heartburn.  

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