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Marble Wishes


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Not bidding higher on a Cigar box full of CAC's the top layer alone had 10 Salmon and Blacks, 3 of them flames that I could see.

I had only been collecting a few months but knew they were special just not how special.

I stopped a 500.00 thought my wife would kill me if I went higher, of course the lot sold for the next bid up (550.00).

I hate auctions that end one bid above your high just never know if you would have won with one more bid.

Live and learn and learn and learn.

I finally deleted the one picture from the auction, just couldn't take it anymore


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I wish I had learned the art of selling marbles. I have only been able to do it a few times and regret and remorse are often felt. It is easier to send my kids out on their own than let lose of my marbles. I have decided my marbles are more like my grandkids. It will be hard letting them go when they grow up.

The step is admitting I have a problem, so - Yes, I am a marble hoarder. I have my first marble I was given as a 6 year old. Help!!!


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I think I know what you mean. One saving grace for me is that I was never in a position to acquire large numbers of marbles at any given time, so things never got too out of control. But I still wound up at one point feeling like I just had more marbles than I needed to be happy.

Came up with a concept I call 'marble karma'. In my personal case, this often means 'giving them away'. It's much more satisfying than many people might think. The idea is realizing that as much as you still might 'like' them, some of your marbles have passed the point where they're giving you 'maximum enjoyment'. By giving them to someone who you know is going to be totally thrilled with the new acquisition, you imbue the marbles with a new 'positive energy', which all marbles were born with and deserve to have renewed from time to time, instead of sitting on a closet shelf in a box.

Of course there are many variations on this. Any buying, selling, giving, or trading of marbles certainly contributes to the sort of intrinsic energy I'm talking about. And for some people, keeping large numbers of marbles in the closet will also achieve the same thing if you're planning to leave them to someone you know will genuinely appreciate them.

Right now, I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to give up 90% of my 'collection' for one or a few of the 'ultimate for me' marbles I could have on my desk and probably enjoy every day indefinitely.

The 10% I'd never give away are the 'karma marbles' I've been given for no reason other than friendship, love, and affection. These are even better than the 'ultimate' ones! :)

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