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Ring Men


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Found a hit on ring men! Woot woot!

Described as golf ball sized marbles ---

(Also saw reference to a game called "ring-men" but didn't see enough details to post.)

This is from 1966 talking about the Blue Eye game, played a lot 20 years before in Blue Eye, Missouri.


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Was the giant marble in the middle a rock marble? :blink:

How would they have gotten that one out?

I'll continue to keep my eyes out for what the uses of the giant clays might have been. Whether industrial or play.

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Ring Men . . . very interesting. From the article description and the name "ring man" it sounds like the ring men might form a circle surrounding the "prize" (winning) marble. I imagine it would be challenging to shoot a 1" ring man out of the playing area with a smaller shooter and I wonder if there was a foul if the "prize" marble was hit while you were trying to remove the ring men. So many questions . . . very interesting, Steph. I second Al's sentiments . . . thanks for posting it!

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