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Fancy Marble King Cat's Eyes?


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I've seen some glimpses of some pretty fancy Marble King cat's eyes on facebook.  But facebook is hard to follow and I don't spend much time there.

They were even fancier than the ones here: 




Anyone have or know about the fancy multicolor ones?  I remember back when the the MK Pixie Dusts came out.  With the aventurine.  And I'll guess MK has been doing some more fancy stuff since then.  

Would love to see. 

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The ces posted above that are green with red inside, are called the mk lips if u hold them right they look like a set of lips. The all green av marble went with the lips marble as a pair made for the Martha stewart show one time. And the others with the lips marbles look to be part of the st marys mimics runs. Kinda like the pixies without the av is what I was told. And the other 2 Ron shared are of course pixies. They made 3 different ones. 

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